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Decorative Buxus hedging.
What We Do

Provide a professional hedge and shrub pruning service.

We offer a one-off service pruning, trimming, shaping, cutting or reducing any hedging or shrubbery to a high standard.

We also offer a regular low-cost hedge trimming package. This is specifically designed to give your formal hedges a beautiful eye-catching look all year round.

What is a formal hedge?

A formal hedge is a single or double row of closely spaced plants of the same species. When clipped to the same height and width they form a single long green line of growth - a hedge. Often, such a hedge is flat-topped and squared off.

In this country, Privet, Buxus and Yew make up the majority of planted formal hedges.


Our Typical Clients

Clients are mostly the discerning homeowner, but also the business professional, such as a doctor or dentist, who has landscaped grounds to maintain. In general, anyone who has a non trivial amount of hedging, on their property, that they wish to keep to a high standard.

A beautifully clipped formal hedge on the front of a desirable residential property adds value and is a welcoming sight on the return home. It not only provides a level of privacy, but also makes a bold statement about the values of the property owner.

Likewise, first impressions are important for any business. If your business sits in landscaped grounds, then the state of those grounds says something important about how you run your business.

Formal Privet with chamfered edge

Our service includes   All clippings removed off-site Green waste is recycled into compost Top class professional equipment used Best practice hedge cutting experience 30 Days credit terms available No quibble 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If there is any aspect of the service that you are not happy with you have a full 30 days to notify us. We will not ignore your calls or emails. We aim to provide the highest level of service for the best clients.

Whatever the problem is we shall try to rectify it, free of charge. If you are still not satisfied we shall agree a full or partial refund with you. Satisfied clients are of utmost important to us.


Yellow Lonicera shrubs in front, Buxus hedge behind.

  Our Spring Special Offer - April 2024

Book your hedge cut in the next 30 days, at normal prices, and secure

an additional follow up hedge trim with no time limit !

Perhaps you have enjoyed a free demonstration or have already seen the standard of our work. Maybe a trusted friend has been kind enough to refer us.

In either case, you feel confident enough to engage our services. As a first time paying customer you are entitled to -

Our Spring Special Offer

- which means that any and all of the hedges or shrubs that you pay to have pruned, at the normal standard rate, get a second maintenance trim entirely free of charge, with no time limit on booking the maintenance trim.

To grab your 'Spring Special' offer simply pick up the phone and dial
07783 492 037. Clearly state your name, address and phone number. Then ask for your free estimate. You will be contacted within 24 hours to arrange a site visit and hedge inspection.

At a time convenient to yourself, we will visit your home; evening and weekend appointments are readily available. Once you have indicated the hedging or shrubs to be pruned, and after we have completed our inspection of the work, we will provide you with an estimate for the work to be completed.

It is not possible to give an exact price for a first time hedge cut as the time required can only be estimated. Therefore you will find that the price on our estimates is the absolute maximum amount you will have to pay. This is guaranteed. Even if the work takes far longer than anticipated you will not be asked to pay any additional sums. You are locked in to this maximum price limit.

Of course, if the work takes less time than the maximum you will be charged less. If you ask for additional works while we are on site, or change the existing workload, we will be happy to alter the estimate to reflect the additional sums that will be required.

On completion of the work you will be issued with an electronic invoice that details the job completed and confirms your entitlement to the second free trim.

Bonus Offer - Your second free maintenance trim.

You can call or email at anytime and request your second trim. Hedges and shrubs grow at varying rates depending on their location and time of year. During the growing season this may be as little as 6 weeks before a hedge or shrub requires a trim. During the dormant season or times of drought it may be several months before any substantial growth has occurred.

The only condition that must be satisfied in order to qualify for your free second maintenance trim is that new growth must be no more than 4 to 6 inches. If growth is more than 6 inches we will still be happy to cut it, but a price may be negotiated before work can begin.

But don't worry that you might forget. We send out regular monthly email reminders to all clients who are entitled to the second free maintenance trim. There is no chance of you missing out.

Your second free maintenance trim serves 3 purposes.

Firstly, it is a mark of our appreciation for your custom.

Secondly, it allows us to reassess the original job and get any useful feedback.

Thirdly, it allows us to measure the time required to give your hedge or shrub a 'maintenance' trim.

You will then have an idea of how much it would cost to enrol in the 'Little & Often' Maintenance Programme, as compared to the cost of the once or twice yearly big cut. We think you will be pleasantly surprised. We will explain how the 'Little & Often' Maintenance Programme works and its many benefits

The 'sales pitch' at the end is low key and lasts no more than a few minutes. We understand that only a certain percentage of our clients will join the programme.

We shall thank you for your business and leave.

To grab your 'Spring Special Offer' simply pick up the phone and dial
07783 492 037. Clearly state your name, address and phone number. Then ask for your free estimate. You will be contacted within 24 hours to arrange a site visit and hedge inspection.


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